Douglas Austin Nowokunski

Born:  May 3rd, 1941

Died:  January 8th, 2010


Past Grandmaster

Dragon Ascending to Heaven

Lu  Mountain

I climbed west on Incense Cloud Peak. 

South I saw the spray-filled falls

Dropping for ten thousand feet

Sounding in a hundred gorges,

Suddenly as if lightning shone,

Strange as if light-wet rainbows lifted.

I thought the Milky Way had shattered,

Scattering stars through clouds, downwards.


Looking up an even greater force.

Nature's powers are so intense.

The Cosmic Wind blows there without stop.

The river's moon echoes back the light

Into vortices where waters rush.

On both sides the clear walls were washed,

By streams of pearl broken into mist,

By clouds of foam whitening over rock.


Let me reach those Sublime Hills

Where peace comes to the quiet heart.

No more need to find the Magic Cup.

I'll wash the dust, there,  from my face,

And live in those regions that I love,

Separated  from the Human World.

                              Li  Po      Taoist  T 'ang  Dynasty


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